10 Questions I Would Ask Kristen Stewart If I Ever Interviewed Her


As you know, Kristen Stewart is the mascot of this blog. Naturally, I’ve spent a good amount of time reading and listening to her interviews, but I’ve found that most of them follow a particular pattern. Stewart is a rebel, Stewart doesn’t care, YES Stewart smiles.

Those are all great points, don’t get me wrong. But I have more of an interest in her craft and her influences than in her Hollywood persona. Here are ten questions I would ask her if I ever got lucky enough to talk to her.

  1. Have you noticed a theme to the roles you pick? You say that all your characters reflect a part of you in them – do they reflect the same parts of you each time?
  2. How long after you read a script does it take you to decide on taking a role?
  3. You’ve recently gotten more involved in fashion, how did you decide what parts you liked and didn’t like?
  4. Is there any correlation between acting and fashion that you’ve found.
  5. What’s the most difficult part of keeping your private life private in Hollywood?
  6. In Still Alice you got a taste of theater work. Have you thought of venturing into theater or television?
  7. You’ve admitted to taking souvenirs off sets you’ve worked on. What’s your favorite prop you’ve taken?
  8. When going on press tours for your movies, what do you enjoy the most about those interviews? What are your favorite questions to answer?
  9. What’s one role that you’ve been dying to play but haven’t gotten the chance to yet?
  10. Have you ever given a character mannerisms that took you a while to shake – or are there ones you still can’t shake?

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