Art Matters


It’s crazy to think that over six years ago I started writing my novel. I was 17 years old and I wanted to try NaNoWriMo for the first time. I didn’t finish…but I learned about three characters that have become so important to me. I think I needed more life experience to get things right.

So now here I am at 23 with lots of life experiences under my belt. I found my first love, graduated college, and moved into a townhouse with one of my best friends. Time to get back to my book.

I recently started re-watching One Tree Hill, which I was actually watching when I started writing. The big themes in this show are love, happiness, and following your dreams. Hayley goes on tour with The Wreckers, Lucas and Nathan win the State Championship, Brooke makes Clothes Over Bros a major company, and Peyton starts Red Bedroom Records. These are major accomplishments to have under your belt before 22. I know it’s fiction, but people do life-altering things every day. I’m so ready to finish mine.

In the show, Lucas says to Peyton, and Peyton to Lucas, “your art matters.” And I want the creators and actors of One Tree Hill to know that their art matters. Because I haven’t felt this inspired to write since I first started this project. So thank you.

And here’s to more writing.



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