#Gradventures Day 2


I’m sitting in my room at the end of day two of my graduate program, and I’m feeling more confident in what I’m going to be doing for the next two years. I’d like to take a minute to explain the program, if that’s okay. For a couple of reasons.

  1. For my family, who will most likely be the ones reading this.
  2. For potential students who are interested in this program.
  3. For you, my lovely readers, because you’re going to be getting a lot of posts about this program.

I promise it’ll be fun!


I’m currently enrolled at Stetson University in what’s called the MFA for the Americas. What’s an MFA? It’s a Masters in Fine Arts, and is a great masters program for creators. Why for the America’s? Stetson in general does a fantastic job of working with diversity. When I was enrolled there for undergrad, it was a blessing to study in an environment where the students and the faculty were diverse, and they allowed for discussions of this diversity in classrooms, seminars, cultural credits, and more. So it’s no surprise to me that this program wants to take us outside of the US. We’re going to dig into Spanish culture, starting with Mexico City in June.

Can you feel my excitement?

The program is a two year hybrid program where we’ll spend 10 days each semester in residency working with our craft. We’ll sit in lectures with published writers, workshop our own pieces, explore the world around ourselves with the company of like minded creators.

That, essentially, is why I’m here at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. I’m retreating away into my own little writer heaven. I may not emerge.


The next 8 days are going to look something like this: workshop in the morning, craft lecture in the evening, live reading at night. And this craft lecture and reading is going to be led by visiting authors. All of which are extremely talented.

We had our first tonight, and it was done by the lovely Laura Mullin. Our craft lecture was kind of all over the place, which is to be expected for the first. But we did talk about a lot of really cool things. For one, diversity. We talked about writing about the room you occupy, and how that room isn’t always white. We talked about this idea of invisibility, and how, inevitably, we all feel the invisibility of aging. It happens no matter your race, religion, sex, class.


These are the kinds of discussions that are going to be facilitated during this program. I’m really excited to see where it takes me.

Tomorrow is the first workshop and they’ll be reading my piece. I’m both excited and nervous. I really hope that I’m on the right track.

Talk to you all tomorrow!



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