#Gradventures Day 4


Today I got a taste of how experimental and free poetry can be. Like I’ve known that writing can be cathartic and helpful (it’s why I write) but I had yet to go to a place where writing could actually work out life’s kinks and play with fear, curiosity, and interest.

I met Ronaldo Wilson at our evening craft talk. After reading just a few of his poems beforehand, I was pleasantly surprised to see how funny he was. I’ve never met a person who can take a question and spin it so many different ways. There were very few questions asked in the hour we had with him, but we learned a lot anyway.

I’m massively in love with the idea of using art to overcome fear. And Ronaldo has gone so far as to say that fear is parallel to interesting. I really want to be more like that.


In other news, my group of fellow writers helped me realize my biggest issue with actually finishing a novel. I shouldn’t edit as I go. If I keep going back to chapter one and rewriting to get it perfect before continuing, how will I ever get to the final chapter?

So if a few months down the line I start complaining about not being able to edit a sticky situation, that’s why.

Tomorrow is a free day, so hopefully I’ll get some more writing done. I’ll definitely do a lot of reading.

Tomorrow I’ll be halfway through the residency, holy cow!


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