Time For A Change

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (9 of 10)

Hello friends. You might have noticed a change in my blog name, either here or on my other social media sites. When I first started this blog, I was coming over from tumblr where Lissy Reads was the perfect name to solidify myself in the booklr community. I loved that everyone was calling me Lissy, my favorite nickname of all time, and that I finally had a blog that looked like a book blog. That was my main goal, and it’s served me well for a long time.

But now I think I’m ready for a change. My role in the blog-o-sphere is a bit more complex. I’m a writer and I like being able to blog about that journey. I’ve recently started dating a man in the military, and the support group I’ve found online for military significant others is amazing. I want to be more fully integrated into that community as well. But I still want to post book reviews and fangirl over authors. I still want to do everything I’ve done up until now.

So I’m choosing to keep my blog name simple. It’s my name, and it gives me the ability to blog about whatever I want. This blog will become a lot more me in that, I think. You’ll see more of the 24 year old grad student and less of a girl who wants to promote books for a living. I think I spent too much time trying to be like everyone else, but I really just want to be myself.

So here I am. I hope you stick with me.


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