Little Blessings: Why I’m Thankful to be a Girlfriend During the First Deployment

In general, I’d say military relationships move pretty fast. There are good reasons for that: health benefits, the ability to recieve information, love, of course, and still others.

My boyfriend and I have only known each other for four and a half months, three and a half in which we’ve been officially together. For us, that’s way too fast to get married.

This can sometimes make things difficult. Unless you and your SO prepare in advance (we did not) you don’t get access to email communication with the ombudsman and are unable to attend FRG meetings. It’s for safety reasons and I’m all for that, really. But I’m also the control freak that wants to know where the heck my love is. 

However, I have one thing I get to be thankful for as a girlfriend, especially with this first deployment.

My life is still separate.

We don’t live together, so I’m not struggling to wake up without him, or making too much food for one, or thinking the house is too quiet. I have a roommate, my own space. I have a life that’s always better with him in it, but still good while he’s away.

And that’s not to say that life as a spouse isn’t good without the husband/wife. It’s not to say that military spouses can’t thrive on their own. They most certainly can.

But I think I have it a little easier. And since I know this won’t be his last time underway, I’m glad for this little blessing to help me through the first. Even if I do still miss him every day.


One thought on “Little Blessings: Why I’m Thankful to be a Girlfriend During the First Deployment

  1. Hi Lindsay, I’m a military girlfriend as well and I share a lot of the same worries that you do. It’s really hard being stuck in the in-between of military life, and not having access to the same things that spouses do. One thing I remind myself is that it won’t always be this way. Someday you’ll be more than a girlfriend, and it’ll all seem small compared to the big picture. I have a military lifestyle blog that you might enjoy, feel free to check it out! 🙂


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