21 Days of Blogging


I’m back!

Hello everyone. Been a long time, hasn’t it? Life has been crazy lately and it’s left very little time for blogging. To be honest, I’ve left myself very little time for lots of things that are good for me. When life gets busy with things that I have to do, I end up neglecting the things that I want to do. This is not the way I want to continue my life. It’s so important to do the things that set your soul on fire, as well as the things that keep you healthy and thriving.

So over the next 21 days I am committing to doing two things.

  1. Write everyday. I want to post on the blog once a day for 21 days just to show myself I can create this habit.
  2. Exercise. I’ve found that exercising helps my anxiety tremendously. I don’t know if it’s endorphins, the adrenaline, or pride in finally taking care of myself, but it works.

This is a start. I’ve heard it takes 21 days to create a habit, so if I can get myself to write and exercise daily, I’m hoping that I’ll start to feel a difference in daily life. I’ll obviously keep you posted on how it’s going, but in the meantime wish me luck. Making habits is hard. But I know I can do this.

See you tomorrow.


I’ve Got Something For Goliath

I’m so excited to share this announcement with all of you! After thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach for a while, I finally attended a Facebook Live event that described what it was all about. The overwhelming consensus that I got was that coaches GET RESULTS. Whether it’s the accountability of other coaches, the idea of people watching your journey and getting inspired, or even knowing that you’re invested in the products, coaches get shit done.

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