I’ve Got Something For Goliath

I’m so excited to share this announcement with all of you! After thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach for a while, I finally attended a Facebook Live event that described what it was all about. The overwhelming consensus that I got was that coaches GET RESULTS. Whether it’s the accountability of other coaches, the idea of people watching your journey and getting inspired, or even knowing that you’re invested in the products, coaches get shit done.

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Because I’ll Forever Drink Coffee Like a Gilmore


Or, why Gilmore Girls has always come into my life at the right time.

It seems that all people are talking about this holiday season is the Gilmore Girls Revival. And rightfully so. After nine years of having to leave Lorelai and Rory Gilmore to the cold, cruel world we get to see them again. Only, they haven’t lived Happily Ever After.

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Perseverance, or Post We Must


Man, okay. I really wasn’t sure if I was going to write something today (that would be two days in a row someone check my temperature!) but I’m feeling inspired.

I have to link you guys back to the two blog posts I just read that made my post possible. The first is M.A. Crosbie’s Parallels and the second is Nicole Evans’ Listen: You Matter.

Guys, there’s some serious inspiration talk going on in the blogosphere and I’m loving it. I want to give props to M.A. for being so open and honest in her post. I really feel for you and I’m so sorry for your struggling. I know that it will come out in your writing and I hope to one day read your published works. Until then, I’m happy you’re writing. And Nicole, you know I already love you. I’m very happy we have a budding friendship because, girl, your posts are always inspiring. You persevere through every doubt and hard day and you should know that helps me tremendously.

I want to talk about perseverance.

To quote the lovely Nicole,

[Y]ou follow a blogger whose sentences seem outlined in gold, each so beautiful it could be a stand-alone poem and make millions…They are living the dream. They have 10,000 followers and while you love reading their blog, you don’t see how you could write about your successful short story, compared to that. Who would care? Why would it matter? Yet who knows how many rejection letters weigh down the floorboards underneath their bed. Who knows how long they spent on that blog post, rewriting words and phrases until their nails were chewed away, stressed to the max of constantly trying to impress thousands. Who knows how many stories were rejection. Who knows how many years they spent working at a job they loathed, but paid enough to allow them to write in the evenings. Who knows the full story.

Perseverance. Webster defines it as “the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult.” Go back and read the quote again. I have wasted who knows how many hours being jealous of friends successes because I’m dying to be just like them. But I have a feeling they’ve put so much more work into their blog than I have. I’m just starting. I’ve learned very quickly that blogging like I do is a full time job. Advertising yourself is a full time job. And it’s hard. Worth it, but hard.

And yet, thousands of bloggers do it every day. We push away the tiny thoughts in the back of our head that say we’re not worth it or we have nothing to say. We wipe at the dark circles under our eyes after a long day of work and drink too much coffee to compensate. We moan and groan on social media because life is so damn hard. But still we post. And post we must.

There’s something really interesting about artists that I don’t find in other kinds of people. Artists are sharers. Even though the craft can be a lonely one, once our creation is ready to be shared we jump at the chance to. In spite of that paralyzing fear that our thoughts aren’t worth it, in spite of the late hours and time spent digging for topics, we find ourselves at our best when we’re sharing.

I know I’m not the only writer out there that began to write because I wanted to help others through books the way my favorite books have helped me. I think we catch some type of sharing bug that fills us with this need to help, to say the right words at the right time that will give someone the strength to keep going. I really, truly hope my writing will do that for someone some day. So I can’t stop writing. And I shouldn’t stop blogging.

I’ve been weighing different social media sites lately, trying to figure out which ones I want to stick with because I really shouldn’t try to do it all. WordPress hasn’t been on the top of my list, but I think I’m going to stick it there permanently. Because I know there will be more days like today. Days where inspiration leaves the train station and many of us tag along one car at a time. I want to be there when it happens again.

Until next time, readers. Thanks for listening.