Baby Just Run

Today is a happy day. One year ago I met the love of my life, on an ice cream date. How cute, right? We’d been talking for about a week on EHarmony and it was one of the cutest dates I’ve ever been on.

We didn’t actually get together for another two months, but I count this day as a victory. You see, I’ve been waiting for the year mark for quite a while now. I’ve known I’ve loved my boyfriend since month two, when I decided to switch churches and the first person I wanted to tell was him. And ever since then my love has grown exponentially. I think I’ve been waiting for the years to catch up with my feelings.

I’ve been a hopeless romantic all of my life. If you follow this blog some, you’ll notice that so many of the books I review are in the romance category. I’m the same way with music. Except, most of the love songs out there are of the pining variety.

Today is a good day, but it’s a day that I won’t see my love.

It’s times like this that I think of songs like Run by Rex Goudie. I listened to this song so much in high school. I’d equate the sentiments to lovers in books and movies, to a future guy I wasn’t sure even existed. It’s funny now, finding all of this old music that hits very close to home during long stretches of separation.

All of those songs I lived on growing up about aching hearts and overcoming distances prepared me for this time in my life. Gave me the ability to pull strength out of the emptiness. I’m able to find the romantic in a time that’s anything but.

So today is still a good day. Even though I miss him, even though all I really want is a hug right now. Because I am fully capable of holding onto hope… and music.


Time, and How it Heals

I woke up to a text yesterday morning from my boyfriend saying “I love you so much.” He was on his way into work.

The busy season for his crew has started again and I’m not going to see him as frequently as I used to, until I don’t see him at all for a couple months. It’s sad, realizing that the life I’ve known since before Christmas is about to change. But before that I’d known deployment life, so I know I can do this again.

So many things in life are temporary. And while I scroll through my Tumblr feed so close to Valentine’s Day I’m reminded of a time where I was as heartbroken as some of the people I follow are. When there was a different guy in my life that decided he didn’t want to be anymore. When I see those posts, all I can think is that feeling doesn’t last. That one day you wake up and you’ve moved on. For that, I am grateful.

I think of my boyfriend, who has been one of the most caring and loving people I’ve had the privilege of having in my life. I realize what true love really is, and I never want to settle for less.

Just like I had to take the time to move on from an old relationship to find this one, I also have to wait for him to do his job so we can have another season of togetherness.

All of the waiting, the lonely nights, the fending off of question as to where my other half is, is utterly worth it. Maybe one day I’ll wake up to him every morning, but I don’t mind the waiting.

Whatever journey we start in life will always have an end. Seasons will change. It’s important to find the lessons in each, so that even the hardest of times will be fruit.

There’s so much good out there. It’s time to find it.